Sponsors and Contributors

With a project of this size it is impossible to do all of the work in house; from research, design, and machine work, to parts contributions, technical data, and monetary donations; every bit of help from individuals and corporations is sincerely appreciated as we work to return JP843 to the air.

Individuals and corporations that would like to assist with the restoration process are kindly asked to contact us at the following address:



Our sincerest gratitude to the following individuals and organisations:

1)  e3D Technology: For their highly accurate reverse engineering and design work on surviving components where drawings are not available.


2)  VM Aerospace Ltd.: For supplying high quality structural tooling for the restoration of JP843


3)  M.Myers Solutions Ltd.- 3D CAD Design Services: For the amazing work creating CAD designs for our radiator fairing fixture. Tel: =44 7401 719175, Mail

4)  Roger Marley: For his extensive efforts gathering rare Typhoon components, supportive research, and his ongoing help locating needed parts for JP843.

5)  3D CADD Services: For CAD drafting and support services pertaining to the reverse engineering of wing and fuselage components and fixtures.www.3d-cadd.com/

6)  Canada Aviation and Space Museum: For arranging and supporting the 3D scan process of Hawker Typhoon MN235' s wing structure.www.casmuseum.techno-science.ca/en/index.php

7)  Royal Air Force Museum: For not only authorising the scan process for Typhoon MN235, but also allowing such a rare aircraft to be loaned to the Canadian Aviation Museum for public viewing.www.rafmuseum.org.uk/

8)  Jet Age Museum: For trades of spares and support based on their in depth work on the Jet Age Hawker Typhoon cockpit section.http://www.jetagemuseum.org/Home.aspx

9)  Auckland War Memorial Museum: For detailed research and information provided on Peter Price, the pilot of Hawker Typhoon JP843.http://www.aucklandmuseum.com/war-memorial

10)  Graeme Sutherland: For CAD support work on the monocoque fuselage structure.

11)  Mark Crame: For provision of very rare photos of JP843 Summer 1944

12)  Errol Martyn: For confirmation / corrections of personal details regarding Peter Price and 609 Sqn movements - For Your Tomorrow Volume 2 - A record of New Zealanders who have died while serving with the RNZAF and Allied Air Services. ISBN 9780473063108

13)  Fantasy of Flight: To include Andy Salter, for technical images of Hawker Tempest structure of similar manufacture to that of the Typhoon.http://www.fantasyofflight.com/

14) Patrick Chriswick:  For wonderfully detailed research on the delivery, movements and history of JP843.

15) Jocelyn Leclercq: Photographer for the image of "Bee" Beamont signing the JP843 cockpit section, a wonderful piece of project history!
16) Ryan Slater: For the design of Typhoon Legacy Co. Ltd.'s logo.
17) Nicolas Walter: For CAD support work relating to fuselage fittings and components.
18) Directorate of History and Heritage, Canadian Armed Forces: For providing a selection of images depicting Canadian Hawker Typhoons and their crews.
19) Western Propeller: Chad Sloane and Rob Heath from Western Propeller in Richmond B.C. very generously donated a post war DeHavilland LH blade of the same diameter to help with our ongoing propeller research; a rare breed which is sincerely appreciated, thank you Western Propeller.