23 April 2017
Production of two assembly fixtures is now underway, the forward monocoque and the radiator fairing.
Hawker Typhoon Fuselage Fixture
Hawker Typhoon Radiator Fairing Fixture Frame
28 February 2017
The wing sections have safely arrived at the shop, the 4700 Km logistical issue being solved with the help of many wonderful organisations, groups and individuals; 
Avro Fabrication, Baron Equipment (North Saanich), Halifax 57 Rescue, The Bomber Command Museum, Canada Spitfire, Ocean Trailer of Calgary, and of course, East West Trucking for all of their help in moving these items to our facility. The support of each of these organisations was absolutely critical in the safe transport of these rare components.
These wing components represent the bulk of the closed structure, and will be used in conjunction with our scans of Typhoon MN235 and original construction data to reverse engineer new wings for Typhoon JP843.
Hawker Typhoon Wing
Other News
Our Storage building is now wired, vented and fitted with shelving units (a big thanks to team member Cam Wallace for the amazing shelves!). Components are now being moved in as part of our re-organisation project in the shop.
30 January 2017
Nicolas Walter has been hard at work building recently reverse engineered components (e3D Technology) into his CAD design of the Typhoon's cockpit, as you can see in the image below, these parts represent some of the most important components of the assembly and provide many of the answers needed to complete critical fixture design work for the area. Nicolas has also included some of the surviving Typhoon JP914 parts, which were kindly loaned by Jocelyn Leclercq
Monocoque and Fin:
With the addition of Martin Oldfield to our design team, December saw the start of design work on the rear monocoque and fin structure. The work is progressing very nicely, and design completion is expected to coincide with the forward monocoque.
With the disassembly work now complete on the Sabre IIA supercharger, the main components have been sent to e3D for reverse engineering work.
The engine itself is also slowly coming apart, also with the intent of reverse engineering each component. 
Shop Closure:
Typhoon Legacy Co. Ltd. remains closed for tours while we prepare the shop for construction of fixtures and structure, we appreciate your patience during this period, and will update this page as soon as viewing can resume.
Cockpit Jan 2017

10 Dec 2016
The team at e3D Technology Corp. have been working diligently to reverse engineer many key surviving parts for the restoration of JP843. The attached images show some of their work on the primary fittings which will be used by our team to complete the cockpit fixture design before moving on to make new components.
Due to the very high tolerances required for such critical machined parts, the team at e3D set their equipment to adjust for the thermal expansion of each material being measured before collecting data. The larger external surfaces were then measured with 3D scanning equipment, and the critical bores and angles were measured with a FARO Arm CMM. Upon completion of measurements, the data was combined and built into a production ready CAD file which was thoroughly inspected and verified to be well within the manufacturers tolerances before release.
When measuring such old components, corrosion and wear may hide the true dimensions; we are very fortunate to have enough surviving data and a sponsor with the skills and cutting edge equipment to ensure the original design is adhered to!”

01 November 2016
It appears as though October is international "Typhoon Wing Month"! During October of 2015 we were able to complete the important task of scanning the wing of MN235 in Ottawa; and this year during October, we were able to secure almost 14 feet of surviving Typhoon wing structure! The JP843 team pulled all stops to make this acquisition happen, and the fruits of these combined efforts will be amazing when combined with the scan data. 
We take great efforts as a team to only collect surviving parts if they will be needed for reverse engineering where drawings are missing, primarily because almost every part will need to be built new for this airworthy restoration, but also because many of these items would be better suited as memorial displays in Museums. Every effort will be made to preserve this amazing collection of original parts once we are done compiling the required data for our work on JP843.
Recovered Hawker Typhoon Wing Sections

9 Sept 2016
We are delighted to announce that e3D Technology Corp has come forward to be a service sponsor for the restoration of Typhoon JP843.e3D is an engineering company which specialises in the handling of complex 3-dimentional shapes using sophisticated digital technologies for design, quality and measurement. With their extensive engineering experience, and with equipment at the forefront of modern computerised technology, the team at e3D have the exacting skills and capabilities required to not only reverse engineer the critical machined fittings and components for JP843, but to also calibrate our jigs and fixtures. We will follow up this announcement in the coming weeks and months with detailed descriptions on the services e3D provides, and how these services will be used to significantly advance the restoration work on Hawker Typhoon JP843.

18 July 2016
A great show at Wings and Wheels in Campbell river, there were so many people who stopped by with Typhoon connections that it's left us boggled! We were delighted to spend some time with John Sessions and Kermit Weeks, some very nice guys!
Thank you for all who came out, we hope to see you next year!
Hawker Typhoon JP843 Wings and Wheels 2016

Hawker Typhoon JP843 Wings and Wheels 2016

Historic Flight Spitfire

08 July 2016
We've had a busy few months here at Typhoon Legacy, our Meet and Greet on May 31st went very well and Harry Hardy DFC of 440 Squadron was an amazing guest, keeping on our toes with his detailed accounts of his time on Typhoons, and a vibrant sense of humour!
Shortly after this event, team member Graeme Sutherland put on a wonderful JP843 display at the D-Day airshow in New Zealand and has continued with his in depth research and development of our history on Peter Price.
Coming up in the 16th of July, we have the Wings and Wheels event in Campbell River British Columbia, where we will be displaying the cockpit section of JP843. This event is bound to be a busy one, and we hope to bring the history of this aircraft and the crews to a welcoming new audience.
We have several large private groups coming through later in July to learn more about the Typhoon and its role in the Second World War. We are always happy to include interested parties in our project, and welcome contact from individuals or groups that would like to make an appointment to see this amazing piece of history.
July 27th marks the 72nd anniversary of Peter Price's loss in JP843, a very hectic time during the war, and one in which many men lost their lives on both sides. We will remember them.
Other Activities:
Earlier this year we had been granted permission from the MOD to recover the remaining surface parts from Typhoon MN532, but unfortunately were too late in our arrival and all components had been recovered. We continue to seek surviving parts from crash sites with permissions from proper authority, and are even more interested in contact with people who may have Typhoon parts in private collections. Typhoon Legacy Co. Ltd. is not interested in collecting surviving components for permanent display, but we are very interested in borrowing parts that may survive which will help reverse engineer what we need for this airworthy restoration; any borrowed parts will always be returned to their owners and names and locations will be protected if the owner wishes to remain anonymous.
The tank for which we will be soaking our Sabre is now under construction, driven by team member Cam Wallace; and we hope to have the engine submerged by this fall with the intent of a minimum of six months storage.
Fixture design is underway for the monocoque, cockpit, and the radiator fairing; with the new parts in production, we are hoping to have the fixtures ready for component assembly as the components become available. To complete our cockpit fixture, disassembly will be required for final dimensions to be collected, we will do our best to have new large assemblies ready for next show season!
Many people have come forwards with new information regarding privately held parts from the Typhoon and Sabre, please help by sharing our story so we can locate more missing items to put JP843 back in the air!
Wing spar fittings still needed:
Typhoon Front Spar Fittings
Typhoon Rear Spar Fittings

04 May 2016

We have officially launched our gofundme campaign to help raise funds for the construction of JP843's airframe. While we have some material, a facility, equipment and a dedicated and experienced team for this project; we still need your help to pay for specialty services such as machine work and heat treatment, along with an extensive list of materials. Please help support the airworthy restoration of Hawker Typhoon JP843:


30 April 2016
After years of hard work, engineering work and many dead ends; we've now started the construction of new parts for JP843! Frame "Q" of the radiator fairing is the first item formed, one of many that are ready for the hammer!
Radiator Fairing

23 April 2016

We've been very busy lately preparing products for the launch of our online store, but it hasn't slowed us down! Amazing progress has been made with research and reference material, fuselage form design, and radiator fairing progress. 

Frame Q Fuselage Formers

27 Feb 2016
Our logo has been completed, and will be added to new product development very soon!
Typhoon Legacy Logo

25 Feb 2016

Construction begins! Work has started for the Typhoon's chin cowl frames; some of the most complex shapes are found in this area of the Typhoon making it one of the most distinctive characteristics af the aircraft. As production moves forwards, progress images will be posted in our gallery.

14 Feb 2016

We have officially formed the Typhoon Legacy Company (Typhoon Legacy Co. Ltd.) to help preserve the history of the Hawker Typhoon and the Napier Sabre engine. The company will allow sales of Typhoon related items with all proceeds going to the airworthy restoration of Hawker Typhoon JP843, and the projects Napier Sabre engine. Development of our sales platform is ongoing, and we are expecting to add many great Typhoon related products for sale as we move through 2016.

A long term goal which is early in the development stage, will to be build full scale Typhoon replica airframes for outdoor displays and museums; this project requires further design and engineering work to be completed, but we will do our best to keep you up to date with developments. Any groups or individuals interested in obtaining a replica Typhoon are urged to get in touch with us regarding specific requirements, we can then ensure our initial design work meets the requirements of all parties. This plan will likely not proceed to production without five to ten interested parties.

All materials have now arrived for the forward monocoque frame and stringer construction, including the material for forms to be made. We are currently organising our workspace in preparation for construction.

 22 Jan 2016
Material has started to arrive which will allow work to begin forming the rear fuselage frames. The material required for sheetmetal work on the tailplane and flaps was also brought in to allow continued progress when delays are met with the fuselage construction. Flap rib tooling is currently being designed, with rib construction expected to begin in short order. Stay tuned!

20 November 2015

Work is progressing on multiple fronts, the fuselage monocoque is in the final stages of design and we are hoping to begin shaping frames very soon. We are also searching for a few small but important pieces for the cockpit structure that will allow for design work to begin (please see the parts wanted page). Wing work is progressing through the development of scan data, and we are expecting to begin the second stage of this data development next week. With the wing envelope scanned to exacting accuracy, we are able to identify internal structure placement and insert known sub-assemblies within the proven envelope; once all of this information is completed, we will be able to use the spaces between known sections to produce some of the missing parts within the wing. The tail section is still in its research phase owing to the significant differences between the Typhoon and Tempest for this area, we've proven that JP843 last flew with the smaller tail plane and have identified important design changes between the two tail planes fitted to Typhoons that will help with the plan. The fin is also different between the Typhoon and Tempest and has a different arrangement of internal structure, so we are looking for solutions to build a proper Typhoon fin by working with the known data.

17 October 2015

Thanks to the permission and assistance provided by the Canadian Aviation and Space Museum and the Royal Air Force Museum, we were able to complete the scanning of MN235's wing. The data is still being processed, but once complete it will be used in conjunction with known data in an effort to reverse engineer new wings for JP843. During the visit with MN235, several measurments were also taken from the forward monocoque section of the fuseage; these measurments will be used to help with the ongoing work of this area for JP843.

MN235 Wing Scan